Elder neglect attorney near me?

Compare the best elder abuse lawyers near you. Use our free directory to instantly connect with verified elder abuse lawyers. Do you think an elderly family member may be the victim of abuse or neglect in your long-term care facility? You and your family could recover compensation for any physical, emotional, and financial losses your loved one suffered. My lawyer at the Steinberg Law Firm has truly been my rock.

I placed all my trust in him and in his decisions. He truly cares about his customers. He was very direct and explained things to the fullest. He never stopped returning a phone call or working with me.

God blessed me with this extraordinary group of people, and I will always be grateful. Most of the time, in elder abuse cases, attorneys' fees will be deducted from a portion of the settlement or the amount a jury awards in compensation for injuries caused by abuse or neglect. Elder abuse can occur both at home and in a nursing facility, and can take a variety of different forms; in fact, most victims of elder abuse often suffer from several different types. It seems incomprehensible that caregivers in a nursing home could engage in abuse or neglect of an elderly resident.

Choosing the best elder abuse law firm to handle your case is crucial to ensuring that you and your loved ones are fairly compensated for the injuries they caused you. Every personal injury lawyer at Nursing Home Law Center LLC has prosecuted South Carolina nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuits on behalf of families who have a loved one who has been seriously injured when dropped by staff. In an initial consultation, an experienced elder abuse lawyer will listen to your concerns and circumstances as he or she knows them and will determine if your elder has a case. Call a South Carolina nursing home abuse lawyer today to help you investigate your concerns about physical elder abuse or neglect Nursing Home Law Center LLC obtains justice for victims of neglect and nursing home abuse in South Carolina.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse or neglect can be a serious threat to the health and well-being of older residents. The statute of limitations begins when your older person or someone caring for your elderly person is aware of the abuse.

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